Value Added Services (VAS) numbers

This information is put at your disposal by Proximus Group entities, i.e. Proximus PLC under Belgian Public Law marketing its products under the trade names “Proximus” & “Scarlet” and Mobile Vikings limited company marketing its products under the trade names “Mobile Vikings” & “JIM Mobile” in application of the European roaming regulation.

This information is intended for users roaming in a country of the European Union, as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

What is meant by Value Added Service (VAS) numbers?

Value Added Service (VAS) numbers are e.g. premium-rate numbers, freephone numbers or shared cost numbers you can call and/or text to receive access to services like gaming, matchmaking, content editing, information such as the weather forecast, doctors on call, etc.

How are your calls and SMS to VAS numbers charged in roaming?

When you travel outside Belgium (roaming) and you call or text to any VAS number (local, Belgian, EU or non-EU):

  • your national tariff is not applicable
  • the tariff advertised for local users is not applicable
  • higher charges could apply, also for services advertised in the visited country as freephone numbers (these are only free for local users and not for roamers)

Are the VAS number ranges the same in the visited country as in Belgium?

No. The VAS number ranges vary from one country to another.

How can I know that I call or text a local VAS number in the visited country and that higher charges could apply?

In order to help you to know if higher charges could be applicable, select the country in the below list and the local VAS number ranges specific to the visited country will be displayed. If the list is empty, this means that no VAS numbers range is currently available in the visited country.

Value Added Services (VAS) numbers

Legal warning:

The specific country information contained in this list is extracted from the mandatory database created by the BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) on the basis of data provided by the National Regulatory Authority of the visited country. This specific information is currently only available in English. Proximus Group entities are neither the content owners nor the controllers of the specific country information indicated in this list. Therefore, Proximus Group entities disclaim all liability in case of error, omission, lack of quality, inaccuracy of the content as well as in case of inaccessibility of VAS numbers ranges to their users when roaming. This content may be amended from time to time without prior notice for reasons independent of Proximus Group entities’ will.
The BEREC database also provides specific info on the alternative local means to contact the emergency services in the visited country and on how a local public warning mobile application can be downloaded if any in the visited country. Click here for more info.